I will go down in history and not down in flames. (x_gematria) wrote in lithium_layouts,
I will go down in history and not down in flames.

s2 Flexible Squares; Discarded Notes

So I lied. I got up really early this morning and wasted the time making this. Hope you guys like it. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for when I get back from vacation.

Discarded Notes Layout
| Live |


Background image HERE
Credit goes to chambertin @ DeviantArt.


-Go to Journal>Journal Style
-Search "Flexible Squares"> choose a layout >apply theme
-Go to "Choose a Page Setup">2 column (sidebar on right)>apply layout
-Choose Ad Placement "between entries"
-Click "Customize Selected Theme"
-Place sidebar elements in this order: links, blurb, calendar (I recommend hiding tags and page summary -mostly because I never use them).
-Go to Custom CSS>select "No" on all dropdown menus !important
-Paste CSS
-Please upload all images onto your own hosting site (tinypic, photobucket, etc.)
Tags: layouts, navigation left, s2 flexible squares, sidebar left
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