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Lithium Layouts

Lithium Layouts: Livejournal Layouts
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*Please credit lithium_layouts or x_gematria somewhere visible on either your profile or journal (maybe in the blurb).

*You can edit the colors/fonts/etc. on these IF you credit me for the basic layout. These layouts take a rather long to make and I would appreciate it if I was given credit for my hard work.

*On that note, please do not edit and redistribute as your own. If you want to learn to make your own I suggest using the link to a post by irinafan in my resource post
Welcome to the layout community of x_gematria! Here you will will find a budding collection of S2 (Flexible Squares only at the moment) layouts for your free or paid journals.

I test all of my layouts on Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Let me know if you find any bugs.

I also have a graphics community where I post icons (mostly) @ burnyourcities. I haven't updated in a while, but I'll probably make a post here when I do.

New layout by me. I might share if there's enough demand. Background image buy chabertin @ DeviantArt